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This is great news! Thank you for the detailed information!

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Hello. Is there anyone there from HYDRA that wouldn't mind helping with the problem I outlined below? It would be most appreciated. Even if there is not a current fix. I possible timeline would also be a big help. Thank you in advance. Have a great day!

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Hello, I am hoping someone at Hydra can help with a problem I and many others have been trying to either get fixed or learn what the furure process and/or outcome will be.

BACKGROUND: First we love what HYDRA is looking to do! I and many like me were introduced to HYDRA by Eric Wade, the Crypto Capital advisor at Stansberry.

When we first were advised that we could get in at the very start we were led through a series of steps involving Snakenet, Metamask, LPB and a Polkadot app, if I remember correctly. This was supposed to earn us a lot more xHDX over time due to having them locked up until they go live on exchanges. It seems all of us who encountered this glitch have been missing out on, but i am not sure. Please read on....

During this process something went wrong at the LBP step and it closed before we could finish the process. It took place for me in Feb. 2021 when I bought a good amount of them.

Now, and I think I speak for all us, I have all my XHDX is seemingly stuck on METAMASK in my ETHEREUM section.

When I went to Claim them at claim.hydradx.io I could see the amount I bought plus an additional amount stated as GAS REFUND, and the total of them being added together. It says I can claim the new higher total.

I also downloaded the Polkadot app. and followed your claim process.

But there seems to be no means to get them over to Polkadot. I expect the glitch involving LBD error is the culprit.

And, today when I tried to go to claim.hydradx.io , it won't connect at all to my METAMASK Wallet..


1. Is there a current or future solution?

2. If so, how?

3. And perhaps possibly when?

4. Will we still be able to receive all the missing XHDX we were not able to be garnering all these months?

Any information will be most appreciated. We love what you are developing, and thank you for returning the high gas fees! like you did!



Long time crypto investor, member Crypto Capital and other advisory groups.

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